AMP brings plant-based exosome technology to the UK market

19 May 2023

AMP brings plant-based exosome technology to the UK market

UK welcomes the launch of EXO|E: the PDEN (Plant Derived Extracellular Nanoparticle) technology that is redefining aesthetic applications

London, UK – June, 2023 – Exosomes have become one of the latest industry buzzwords, offering new and exciting applications as a result of their potent regenerative functions, anti-inflammatory effects and synergistic use alongside energy-based devices to enhance healing and lessen downtime.

With controversies surrounding human sources of exosomes, plant-based alternatives, known as PDENs (Plant Derived Extracellular Nanoparticles), are coming to the forefront. Step up EXO|E.

Recently launched in the UK via Aesthetic Medical Partnership (AMP), EXO|E Revitalizing Complex utilises biomimetic plant stem cell technology to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin.

The bio-based patented technology ensures perfect compatibility with the skin, helping to support and supplement its natural signalling mechanism to rebalance.

It harnesses the power of PDENs, the plant version of human exosomes, which are extracted from plant stem cells and act like envelopes that carry messages from cell to cell.

These envelopes are loaded with thousands of biomimetic factors, including growth factors, peptides, liposomes, amino acids, and proteins directed explicitly to target inflammation as well as for wound healing angiogenesis and the stimulation of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin production.

The benefits of EXO|E

EXO|E shifts the healing from inflammation to rejuvenation. This means downtime and enhanced results from treatments.

Suitable for all skin types and conditions, the complete treatment protocol includes D|TOX, EXO|E, and RE|PAIR, which can be used both in-clinic and at home to prepare skin pre-procedure or enhance treatment outcomes.

It can also be used as a stand-alone treatment.

The three-step process of EXO|E includes:

  • D|TOX, which hydrates and prepares the skin for the upcoming aesthetic treatments
  • EXO|E serum, which delivers concentrated stem cell factors for targeted results and desired outcomes
  • RE|PAIR serum, which reinforces the work of EXO|E with additional extracellular nanoparticle technology and liposomes.

One of the notable advantages of EXO|E is its ability to penetrate the skin transdermally through lipophilic absorption, enabling comprehensive treatment of the entire dermal architecture through efficient cell-to-cell signalling.

Studies also show that EXO|E can:

  • Increase collagen production by 165%*
  • Increase elastin by 891%*
  • Increase the secretion of hyaluronic acid by 198%**
  • Provide a 61% daily reduction in inflammation***.

Miss Sherina Balaratnam, surgeon, cosmetic doctor and medical director of S-Thetics Clinic, was the first to introduce the product to her clinic. She says, “I am excited to be the first clinic in the UK and Europe and one of the first globally, outside of the US, to introduce the UK’s first completely plant-derived exosome product.

“I have spent over eight years understanding ingredient formulations and the science behind how botanically derived topical skincare works. I have curated bespoke protocols with these topicals to produce highly regenerative results for my patients.

“Together with my previous knowledge and understanding of cell signalling from my research time at the University College of London (UCL 2004-5), these learnings have developed my knowledge of regenerative skin science.

“EXO|E delivers the next phase of topicals to fill in the missing links, such as the regeneration of one’s own elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen production, up-regulated endogenously.

“This is only the second skincare system I have introduced to my clinic after eight years, illustrating the depth and breadth of the robust science, clinical validation and manufacturing processes behind EXO|E.”

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Get in touch

If you have any further questions about any of our products contact Aesthetic Medical Partnership

Call 07734 101 275
or 07867 397 106‬